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Why you are being fat,,,! Part 2

Readers, Salam and greetings How are you all Previous post Some unhealthy habits responsible for weight gain: Part 1 How do you feel about my tips? If I follow these tips, then you will be able to get a lot of weight in your life, so that you are overweight. So I request you to share these tips with everyone. In this episode, there is unhealthy habits and remedies for the increase in weight: Always eat white carrots, not eat red carrots: We usually eat foods made with white sugar such as white flour, white rice, etc. They are processed foods, so it is fiber less, nutritionally low. Fast digestion, insulin levels Increases the desire to eat and eat Saliva rice, red flour are not processed foods, they contain nutrients of food, and there are many scars As a result, it helps in digestion of food and the body gets proper nutrition, and they take time to digestion, stay in the stomach, hunger does not accelerate, keep blood insulin levels well, 50% of the day is full of food grains. Sugar Drinks and Foods: Nowadays, soft drinks of sugar are very popular, even for babies. Remember- we do not need sugar in our body because sugar is a processed food that has no nutrients, it is rich in carbohydrates and calories, which is more If you take it, increase your body weight as fat Sugar stimulates food intake by increasing the body’s insulin, results: eating more, overweight | The same thing applies to energy drinks, bottled fruit juice, and restaurant drinks. Know not to drink soft drinks. It is necessary to know how and when to eat food all the days Early in the morning, when the morning starts to rise, the day starts in a beautiful way The other food items will be eaten quickly or in time, eating three hours before sleeping, digestion will be okay, weight will remain, it is better to eat any heavy food after 8pm. Do not eat nutritional food: It helps to keep weight, reduce weight, eat various nutritious foods throughout the day.

Many people have seen only one kind of food: such as: The sugar consumed, the rice consumed much meat, did not play vegetables, or just played rice flour, and many used to eat rice at three o’clock, so do not eat any fruits, nuts etc as snacks. We do not know how to eat in the restaurant: Many of us ate food in the restaurant, but we have forgotten about the health of the food. Remember, eating more means more weight. So to eat at the restaurant and know what to accept:

A lot of food orders can not be given at the same time, by ordering a small meal, by taking a little or a moderate amount, the rest will be brought to the house, for example: a bigger burger can be eaten together, or at half, the rest can be expected in the home. | To eat food, you will have to eat: A meal in the buffet means you eat a few times a day, think of eating a little? Even if you eat a buffet, sit down at the table in the buffet.

Normally you do not want to take a meal or take a meal at least once. Foods with low calorie intake, such as: salad, soup, sugar paste, etc. must be ordered Instead of eating meat, try fish instead. Order grilled, baked food with no frozen food. Not enough sleep or sleep at night: Many people do diet, exercise, but can not lose weight due to lack of adequate time and sleep, or can not come to the right weight. Those who sleep less than 7 hours daily, they tend to have more weight gain  Because of the two hormones: leptin (hunger loss hormones) and ghrelin (hunger hormones). If the sleep is not right then leptin decreases and leads to ghrelin. | High levels of ghrelin increase appetite, and low-level leptin does not allow to feel satisfied after eating food, more hunger and desire to eat, therefore increase weight. Life, what is needed to know.

When you are in a diet, do not write down what you eat: If you are in the diet, then it may be that you are not able to reach your weight properly, then you can write it in a diary every day. Get calories, take a look at how many calories you are eating, watch out for how much they have been eating over the past. How do you get your body weight ideal? Learn Here | Regular weight not measured: Those who do not measure regular weight, those who regularly measure weight, are more aware of weight. Regular weight measurement helps to keep or reduce your weight regularly. Regular weight measurement of the day, at the right time, the weight may vary if one day is the right way to measure weight. Watching extra TV or doing some work for a long time: For many times watching TV is very bad for the body, because our body has been designed to keep it working. Research has proved that people who watch TV over a period of more than 4 hours in the day, tend to be fat, more than those who watch an hour. Working too many times in one sitting, such as: Working on a computer is too thick because many people eat more than sit in front of a TV, or even if they do not feel hungry, this is another reason. Because at that time you do not have any movement, it is absolutely stagnant, the body does not burn any calories, so the body is inactive, so the heart rate, blood pressure, the metabolic rate decreases, which is the tendency of weight gain when it is over. So do not spend too much time working, such as doing a home work, doing your own daily work, such as washing clothes, clothing tables, climbing tables etc. From the time you do not have much time in the office, you can sometimes go for a hut or can be used in the office. Do not eat food, do not eat food, do not do anything while working in the office or watching TV. Emotional eating or eating more food than work / pressure in life: There is a lot of hardship in life: People show tendency to eat more by feeling emotionally or overly hungry. If you do not get restrained, the result is more weight gain For example: Many students wake up during the examinations and wake up at night and eat more at night. Many people do not get hungry due to depression, anxiety, depression, and increase your weight by eating more. This way to protect yourself from being aware of weight and weight. Do not exercise regularly: Exercise? Where is the time? It is not possible to exercise all day long This is the attitude about our exercise nowadays The body needs to be tired of working all day, but physical fitness will never be sustained without regular exercise, and the role of expenditure on its own body is immense. Exercise is very important for everyone Exercise has many benefits

Therefore, it is your responsibility to take out the exercise, it requires awareness, agility, etc. You can get physical, mental fitness through exercise, burn calories, keep your weight under control, bone, muscle, strengthen, reduce age, become smart, confident You can increase the immunity, you will be able to control your weight even after 30 minutes. If you have any bad nature mentioned above, you should avoid these to reduce weight.

Suggest another person. Remember that habits are people’s habits, people are not habituated. So, if you try, you can reduce weight by eliminating this bad habit We need only to try and correct the mistakes Hope you can


Updated: March 9, 2018 — 9:02 am

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