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Why sleeping is important?

This time I gave a different kind of post I have given more importance to food and exercise So sit back and relax, because sleep and rest are not so important Our health and physical strength are one of the greatest blessings of God. In the Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) said to take care of them before losing five precious assets. Among them, health and fitness are one of the best. If we do not take complete rest, our body becomes weak. Therefore, old age is old enough to come before old age and there is a possibility of various diseases, even death may occur. Because, our body is like an engine or device. If an engine is running continuously, it becomes void, even if the human body does not get the necessary rest, it becomes ineffective. We work all day, study, exercise, if not at the right time and do not sleep enough, physical and mental fitness will never be okay. Rabindranath Tagore says: “The work of the rest is a coincidence, The eye of the eye is the eye of the eye. ” Nowadays, young people think of staying away at the right time, ideal lifestyle is the awakening of the night. Whether it is habitually or not, it is not Healthy lifestyle. That is why enough sleep is useful in our lives: There is a deep connection between sleep control and sleep, and many studies have found that those who sleep less than those who sleep more, their BMI indexes are less. There is a relationship between weight gain and no less sleep with less sleep. We have two hormones called Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin is produced from Fat Cell and its work is to suppress the appetite and Ghrelin is made from stomach, its work is hungry | Ghrelin increases when sleep is low, so hunger is over, it is consumed, and weight increases, and if sleep is better, Leptin increases, thus less hunger and weight is under control. Moreover, the growth hormone called Growth Hormones from the Pituitary gland is more in sleep This increases the metabolism of metabolism and increases the risk of weight loss. Moreover, this hormone preserves calcium, which leads to increased bone density, reduces fat, prevents fat accumulation, helps organ to function properly By increasing digestion, digestion Another hormone Cortisol- which is known as stress hormone, is lessened if it is less sleep, so the body’s protein breaks down to glucose, more glucose, and is stored in the body as fat. This hormone reduces metabolism, does not cause muscle growth. Cortisol does not grow, so it is necessary to sleep enough. Those who exercise, they can not exercise properly, if they do not sleep In particular, those who practice body building and weight training, a proverb is very true: “Rest and repair” | Due to exercise, we need enough sleep and rest to fix the loss of our body in the month and to ensure muscle growth. Mascal’s repair was done asleep, because the growth hormone was released Methyl is formed when sufficient sleep, even when we go to bed, the growth of the growth hormone becomes a protein, if you eat protein-rich foods. If you do not sleep, you will not want to exercise properly, so if you do not sleep properly then you will stop exercising. Disease-resistance of our body also depends on the daily sleep quality and quality If the body’s immune system is not correct, then various diseases, such as cold, fever, gastric, chest, etc. can cripple you. If the quality of sleep is not sufficient and the amount of time is sufficient, then many difficult diseases in the body can tie home For example, there may be heart disease, stroke risk increases Moreover, due to lack of sleep, the insulin levels of the body increase, which leads to more hunger If you are sleeping less then blood pressure is not good, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases, etc. Even the risk of chronic incidence of cancer is increased. The body feels weak due to lack of sleep For those who work or work, they need a good sleep, because physical sleep is also available for good sleep, if they do not sleep, they are tired all day long. Due to lack of digestive digestion, digestive problems are reduced, metabolism is reduced, sugar is not digested and stored in the body as fat. Good sleep enhances our activity, attention, performance, memory, performance, brain power, etc. Studies have shown that less sleep affects our brain activity, it is equivalent to the loss of alcohol. To solve any problem, you need to sleep well, otherwise you will be lagging because the brain does not work properly For example: Students who do jobs and business, can not pay attention to the work if they do not sleep well If you do not sleep well, then you can not work properly all day As a result, thinking affects energy, attention, memory, brain activity, problem solving, timely ability and time, Positivati ​​etc. If the sleep is less and not right, the mood is irritated, the attention can not be given, the quality of work is not correct. In 2002, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey that: 21% of those who have sleep problems are unhappy, 12% are generally angry, 50% can not maintain good relations with other people, 60% can not be patient at any work. Because, sleep and our mind mood is controlled by the same brain chemistry. Therefore, if its sleep, its physical strength and mind will be fine. Arizana Huffington of the Huffington Post said: “How are people sorted out by sleeping people?” Sleeping power

Stress hormones increase due to lack of sleep, so it has a bad effect on our moods, so people are angry, depressed, or depressed. Those who sleep less, 90% of them suffer from depression. Insomnia, sleep apnea, such sleeping disorders make people depressed. Less sleep affects the use of other than depression or depression So good sleep will help you to have good and healthy mind If you do not sleep properly you do not need to be swift and alive, you will appear in your face due to lack of sleep. In the absence of sleep, face skin will look dirty, face acne, ink under the eyes, problems with hair loss etc. So many people sleep sleepless night, many say beauty slips, because the rest of this time repairs your whole body, so deep and adequate sleep keeps you beautiful. | Various studies have proved that an adult should sleep for at least 8 hours daily National sleep foundation has advised an adult to sleep for 7-9 hours daily STREPchanges_1 How much sleep do you need Please click on the image to enlarge   If you want to be a long-term and healthy person, then you have a lot of lifestyle and work effect. So enough and good sleep is the best way to live and the long mystery. God created our body in such a way that we can sleep enough at night, then wake up from sleep and do the right thing of the day. And if we do not do that, then we will push our own lives to ruin So take a look at your daily diet, exercise, and other activities as well as your sleep Those who are not so naturally sleepy, they are asleep as well, enjoying all the work, and how much of themselves are neat.


Updated: March 9, 2018 — 8:56 am

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