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Reasons why you are being fat,,! Part 1

Many people suddenly started to increase weight, especially after thirty years of age, after entering the job, etc. Do not worry about why suddenly it is so thick There are many reasons, such as: proper eating habits, living conditions, lack of activity, lack of knowledge of food etc. The rate at which rates of obesity are increasing in the world, it is a matter of great concern Extra weight loss can not be terminated due to problems So to increase health, learn about some unhealthy habits of weight gain:  Do not know how to eat healthy foods in your food reserves or do not know which foods are healthy; In your fridge and food containers, healthy foods such as: low-fat meat, red rice, red flour, fruits, vegetables, nuts, low fat milk, cheese, Keep the salad etc., Those who are sweet to the sweet food, keep the foods made from sugar substitutes for sweet foods, or sweet fruits, Place chocolate rka | Is not playing a lot of sweets every day, a lot of sweets or sweet foods to cook at home every day, are buying or eating, this situation must be removed | the sweet food carbohydrates, increases the weight of the extra sugar |   Do not know how to cook healthy foods: How to cook healthy foods, such as cooking without oil, cooked on low oil, grill, kebab cooking etc. Need to know. Any oil that is good (eg: olive oil, canola oil), bad fat (trans fat, saturated fats: butter, etc.) will also get worse. Do not take diet charts from the nutritionists or do not take advice: Many people do not have balanced diet or crush diet, without knowing how to lose weight when eating food, counterclockwise, they do not lose weight, they become weak, they are weak There is a lot of problems in the body due to the lack of nutrients, so the first step to lose weight is from a skilled nutritionist to his age, height, lifestyle, physical problems According to the list, etc., which is a full diet chart or taking food | Junk in fast food or outdoor food: Nowadays, we are very busy, do not have time to prepare meals, I bought a quick meal and took fun of gobbling to sleep in the house and I slept for a long peace. The belly was celebrated, but time and work saved, but there is no nutrient or food fiber in this fast food, but also saturated and trans fat, many salt, calories, which cause the cause of obesity. It is not a serving amount, so they eat a lot of food at one time, which leads to weight gain. Do not eat breakfast in the morning: It is a bad habit to eat breakfast in the morning, because it is enough to be fat, because metabolism decreases in breakfast, due to hunger later in the day, more food is eaten, therefore weight increases. | When eating breakfast, digestion strengthens energy, brain energy is available, working day by day, mind-mood is good. If you do not want to eat more in the morning, then eat a light breakfast with fruit or drink lemon-honey, then after half an hour or so, you will have breakfast as well as complex carbohydrates, such as red flour bread, oats and meat. Eggs, milk etc. can be eaten.

Dosage of any meal: Many people think that weight reduces when they play less, but it is a misconception, but many people think that they will not eat any food, they will be less eaten, so that they will lose weight, which results in decreasing metabolism. During the next meal, hunger is so hungry that it can be eaten more than once and it is reversed. So to reduce weight, eat food at least 5 times a day. It is best to: 200/300 calories per day after two / three hours.  Eat too fast: When you are very hungry, maybe you eat too much gobbling fast, do you think peace, but do you know what damage to your body? If you eat well, then the food will be properly digested, it will be eaten less, therefore the weight will decrease. And after 20 minutes of eating our food, there is a signal that we have a stomach, no longer hungry.   Not aware of food calories: It is important to know how important it is to know about food calories, it is important to know what is the food calorie and its effect on our body. Besides, how many calories, how many calories should be eaten, increase weight, or decrease or decrease, it is important to know that calories should be eaten in each meal. So daily calorie consumption will be eaten and the weight control will be easy.  Do not drink enough water: Drinking lots of water throughout the day plays a big role in reducing weight, helps in water metabolism, diet helps digestion, drinking less water reduces hunger, and reduces weight. Weight loss. | Besides, the body keeps body, body parts, such as: brain, skin, nerve, etc. Drink water immediately after eating: Do not drink water immediately after eating it, because the water prevents digestion of food in the digestive tract, so as not to digest food properly, increases body weight as fat. It is also not good to drink cold water after eating food, for the same reason Eat less sugar and eat more than sugar: meat should be kept in moderation. Because the body needs to burn many calories to digest meat, it is more than sugar or fat, so fat burns. When eating more sugar, it accumulates in the body as fat, increases weight So keep low fat meat, such as chicken meat, sea fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, saplings, in refresh food. Eat moderate quantities of food: Many of us do not know how much of a food is served Many people do not even know whether to eat a moderate amount of food or eat a lot of food at one time, it will increase body fat, increase weight. I have to adhere to the rules of my playlist To know how much to serve one of the food Every meal should be eaten at a certain level in the plate, and no other food can be taken The table does not have enough food to eat and eat If you have any bad nature mentioned above, you should avoid these to reduce weight. Suggest another person. Remember that habits are people’s habits, people are not habituated. So, if you try, you can reduce weight by eliminating this bad habit We need only to try and correct the mistakes Hope you can

Updated: March 9, 2018 — 8:59 am

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