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Get rid of vomitics

1. Vomiting for unknown reasons: Boil two cloves with 100 ml water. When half of the water gets boiled in water, add candy to taste according to the taste and give it back to the side. Drink 4 times a day after 4 hours and the vomiting will stop.

2. Vomiting: After mixing two cloves, add 30 ml of water and mix it with a little warm water. There is no vomiting.

3. Vomiting during pregnancy: During pregnancy, two crushed coconut mixed with half a cup of warm water mixed with water mixed with comfort.

4. Voyage on the car Those who are vulnerable to traveling on buses, trains, etc., always keep clutches with them. The carpet will be sucked in the car. This will reduce vomiting tendency.

5. Super hot vomiting 3 teaspoons of coriander powder in 250 ml water for 1 hour, 1 tsp candy powder can be given to taste. After 1 hour, stirring the water after 1 hour, make 1 small spoon of babies and keep feeding 30 grams of the elderly. It will be tired of vomiting for the summer. Warming, vomiting, or cheating for the summer can be beneficial.

6. Vomiting condition: Crop a paprika lemon. Then put the bit salt powder and pepper powder in it and let the patient lick slowly. It will be almost instantly eliminated from the outbreak.

7. Insomnia with a bomber :: The cloves and 5 grams of candy 10 grams together with 30 ml of water mixed with water and indigestion with vomiting and vomiting.

8. Blood vomiting: 3 grams of cumin seeds and 6 grams mixed with 6 grams of powders made of water and drinking water by mouth, the blood stopped coming to the vomit. If necessary these powders can be given 2-3 times a day. ============================================

1. Mixing equal amount of onion juice with 10 grams of adhesive juice is stopped by vomiting or vomiting.

2. When the orange peel is dry, it is broken off and the vomiting is stopped immediately after it is mixed with honey.

3. 6 grams of mint, 2 grams of sandalwood salt, and the cold vomiting occurs when cold water is filled with water.

4. Cut the lemon into the middle and add the peppercorn powder and souvenir salts Vomiting is broken off by spraying powder.

5. Vomiting reduces when you play a spoon mixed with Tulsi juice with honey

. 6. A lemon juice and a spoon of sugar mixed with two glass of water and the patient is consumed in an hour and the vomiting is discontinued.

7. The thick thick, clean gram is wet by night and the vomiting stays in the morning when the water is wet.

Updated: March 12, 2018 — 3:46 pm

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