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Domestic remedy in cough problems

Cough is uncomfortable lubricant in the neck. Throat glands make about one to two liters of cafeteria a day. The cuff is our bronchial juice. The caffeine is soaked in the airway. If we make extra cough for air due to the airways, we feel uncomfortable cuff. Cough is one of the reasons for cough production. Let us now know how to get rid of caffeine in domestic way. Cough up loudly Whenever the cuff comes to the throat, throw the cuff out of the neck and neck. If you do not work in the throat then cough up loudly. If coughs cough, the cough becomes loose after the breathing process. As a result the cuff comes out. You should not swallow cough. Caffeine vomiting will be reduced if you repeatedly cough. Hot water grid Pour 1 teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of light hot water. At least four times a day, you will not get cough and it will come out easily. Take hot water vapor Mix well with boiling hot water in the brain. Take down the water from the oven. Now boil hot water with a towel over your head. Do this at least 10 minutes twice a day. If you take a hot water vapor, you can not get cough and come out easily. Eat plenty of liquid food Liquid food is available in more than caffeine problems. Eat lots of water and different types of juices all day. However, it should not eat very cold water or juice. Those foods that can also be eaten are: * Lean juice with leek juice and honey. Lemon juice and honey contribute to the removal of cuff. *. Soup of the chicken and vegetables. But if you want a thick soup, it is better to eat thin and transparent soup. * Drink hot salt in hot water. * Drink teaspoon leaf tea. * Cumin cough is cured by mixing halud mashed, ginger powder, mixed with one teaspoon of hot milk. * Eat sparks and sponges * Keep it aside. Eat as many times as possible as possible to eat ghee. * It is convenient to go out of the cough after eating a wet diet. Quit smoking to get rid of cough problems. Use the mask if there is excessive dust in the air. Do not leave the cafeteria on the sidin or comode. Because the caffeine can spread the various types of diseases in the atmosphere

Updated: March 12, 2018 — 3:59 pm

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