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19 Health Tips For You

1. If the thoth is covered with black dip, remove cotton from the raw milk and tie it. If it is adjusted then the thosion black spots will rise.

2. Tomato juice and milk mixed together, the face of the burning sun will be reduced.

3. After the wash-wash, the hands become very rough. Due to this, add a few drops of lemon to milk after the dishes. Your hands will be smooth.

4. To remove the black dye in the elbow, rub the lemon well with the tin. The elbows will turn soft in the elbows. 5. Acne damages your beauty. In this case, the juice of garlic rub on the acne. Acne can be mixed in a hurry.

6. To get rid of leagination or black spots, add potatoes, lemon and cucumber juice together and add half a teaspoon of glycerine to the skin where the scars have been found.

7. To stop hair fall, apply bamla and shikakai oil.

8. The sweat of sweat on the oily skin looks black. In this case mix oatmeal and lemon juice together and put half an hour in the mouth. Wash the face in cold water after half an hour.

9. Those who are very sweat with their hands, keep them away from the problem

. 10. The ankle cracks of the feet are plated on the onion day.

11. To increase the brightness of the skin, Meheri Chibiye Khan,

15 grams per day. In a short time the skin will become radiant and purify the skin.

12. If there is no rash in the mouth, then try to grind the gram flour into the raz. Wash for a while. Will not be scars.

13. To add black tint on the back, mix the flour and milk together and knead it back for ten minutes. If it is regular, the back tint gets up.

14. There is a herbal implantation to bring instant fancy to the face. Half tea with Tamuch lemon juice, one tea spoon mixed with honey and put it on the face and neck. After 15 minutes wash with cold water. It will keep your face moist.

15. To keep the arm leg in hand, rub the apple peel on hands and feet. It will show hands and feet much more fair.

16. To remove the brown spots on your face, add ripe papaya sash to face, then wash it.

17. Eat Lemon regularly with two quotes to get rid of the breath of asthma. Two months later, there will be no problem.

18. Mix equal quantity of Tulsi leaf juice and lemon juice together and apply regular face to each spell.

19. To get rid of excessive dryness, apply honey, milk and bacon paste regularly. It will remove the skin and the skin.

Updated: March 12, 2018 — 3:44 pm

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